The Sex List

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As part of our marital lives, there are a lot of arguments about sex –  actually most arguments are either about sex or money.  So how do we solve this in a loving marriage?  Well, I tend to think the best way to solve a conflict is to understand where your spouse maybe coming from in the first place.

So Here it is! This is the dirty, the things that we may want in bed but never ask for, because we are scared, we are ashamed and we don’t want that crazy look from our spouse like we just killed the cat. (don’t kill cats).  The Sex List is designed for you to be honest and to have an open conversation about you and your partners wants and desires.  IN-NO-WAY should you make your partner feel ashamed of any sex act that they want to do with you. It is either going to work for you to or not and you might both find out you are into the same thing but have never talked about it.   Answer the questions with a 1 – 5 – 1 is NEVER and 5 I LOVE THIS! The more honest you are the better the outcome will be.  Then go over your answers together on a date and have in-depth conversations about the Sexual Activity what they like or dislike about it and what are definite hard lines and what may seem like it would be fun.

On to the act itself, if you are breaking new ground on any sex act I would urge you to try it a few times instead of the once and I didn’t like it so never again.  There are so many things going on during sex that one thing (your brain) just might not be into it the first time and nerves, fear, and other issues might hinder the experience altogether.  This can be especially true when trying anal sex for the first time. There is a lot that goes into having a successful anal sex experience that you might not understand the first go around.  The same can be said about spanking. There are degrees and variations of this sex act that can make this enjoyable or be a complete turn-off.

Communication is the biggest key before during and after trying something new also remember your safe words and if you don’t have one use RED, YELLOW, GREEN.

At the very least Have Fun!  When was the last time you tried a sex act laughed about it and then moved on?  This experience will draw you closer together and make very intimate memories at the same time.

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Without further ado here is:

Sexual Activity Consensus List


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