Magic Wand Product Review

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The Original Magic Wand Product Review

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Tim’s Corner

In my research in the best vibrators to bring into the bed one, in particular, kept coming to the top of the list.  The Hitachi Magic Wand has been around for years 30 to be exact.

So what makes this different

Why does this stay on top and why should you get one?

Well unlike other vibrators the part that vibrates is large and soft, larger than it competitors which means more surface area applied to the right spot.  One of the complaints about this product is that works too well, how is that a compliant right well if you are into a little force play then your partner can force an orgasm with this tool.

I find this amazing that a man can force a woman to have an orgasm with this device (all in good fun of course).

A legitimate complaint is that the vibration is too much even on low and you may want to first try this device with underwear or jeans on (yes orgasms while completely clothed. can happen.)

In my research, I have found that some sex therapist suggests this device to women who can’t have an orgasm through regular intercourse or using other vibrators.

”Once I discovered how great this vibrator was for intimate pleasure, I started buying them by the case to share with the women in my original therapy groups. Since the early seventies, I have recommended the Hitachi Magic Wand without being paid for my endorsement.”

Betty Dodson, PhD educator, author, artist

Want one yet?

Purchase The Original Magic Wand with Free Wand Essentials Travel Massager

For $50 to $60 or $125 for the rechargeable one (We link to the corded option), it might be the most expensive toy that you own but it works, it also works just as a regular message tool as well.  Start on slow then switch to fast when wanting more of a deep message anywhere on your body.

Now for the downside of this tool there are  some:

  1. One there is a time limit the motor on this thing does heat up and the suggested use for this is only 25 min of use.   (I don’t see this as a big deal since 25 is a long time)
  2. It is not waterproof
  3. It plugs into the wall (they do have a cordless option)  This is the version we have, I hate trying to find batteries in the heat of the moment or remember to recharge something beforehand.
  4. Too much to handle the vibration is so much that she might not like it. (a simple solution is to leave underwear on until you get used to it)

This thing has gotten awards (who rates sex toys? I want that job)

  • 2016 Time Magazine put it on the “Most Influential Gadgets of All Time” list in 2016
  • 2015 Best Sex Toy for women: SHE AWARDS
  • 2014 Favorite Sex Toy for Women in Consumer Voted Sex Awards (again I am never invited to those kinds of parties)

So if you are Husband and you really want to make sure that your wife gets off, you need one of these.  You won’t regret it and neither will she.  BTW this is also great to use while having sex.

Tammy’s Corner

Sex toys are expensive. This one is not that bad and for all the amazing reviews it already has, I had high hopes.

Let me tell you,

I love it!!

It adds to our play time without distracting from it. Yes, you plug it in, but it has a long cord and it doesn’t have 18,000 settings. On/Off with two speeds.

I love the simplicity of it. AND you can either hold it, or you can wear underwear and just set it in there to hold it in place.

It’s the perfect speed and pressure. It won’t vibrate your clit off either.

Some are so crazy that you feel numb afterward. I really liked this one and it’s my go-to.


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