Diva Cup Review

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Tammy’s Corner

The Diva Cup is a menstrual cup used during a woman’s period instead of pads or tampons.Diva Cup Review

I first heard about this cup 2+ years ago by a woman who was a minimalist. She had very little waste and when asked what she does during “that time of the month” she said she used a menstrual cup. Curious, I looked this up and read about 50 reviews on the thing. I decided to try it since there was so much positive information about it.

Now I know it seems weird, but trust me here. There are two sizes, one for women who have had a baby or are older and one for younger women or those who have not given birth. I used the larger of the two since I’ve had a couple babies and well, been married for some time.

I had to look up a youtube video on how to get it in because it’s a pretty rigid silicone cup. It has small holes around the top of the cup and a good grip rigid part at the bottom. Those holes must be clear for the right suction to take place.

It says it can be worn for 12 hours so I figured that’s how long you wear it… PERIOD (no pun intended) but that didn’t work for me and 2 hours in I felt little bubbles like it was leaking. Yep, it was. Okay, what am I doing wrong? So I researched it and looked up the bad reviews and tried to figure this out. I gave it three months before I totally fell in love with it. I realized I CANNOT wear it 12 hours or even 6 on my heavy days. I can wear it about 2 hours and when I feel it start to get full I simply empty it and move on. On lighter days it easily can stay in 12 hours. But once I figured out how to get it in, fold it and then make sure it was secure I was hooked!

I LOVE this thing and I haven’t bought tampons in a few years now! I do still wear a panty liner on heavy days just to save the underwear and in case I can’t get it replaced in time.

The only drawback is the cleaning. If you have no issue digging in your vagina for a silicone cup, then go for it. You SHOULD be well aware of your body and how it works. But it can be a little messy. I usually try to use a bathroom without anyone in it of course. Rinsing out a cup of blood with someone washing their hands next to you is not pretty. So I try to use a family bathroom when in public or I’ve gotten really good and shoving some toilet paper in place as I rush to the sink, quick rinse and jet back into the stall to replace. I have even dumped it at a porta-potty and just replaced without rinsing. Gross, I know, but it was the only thing I could do.

Once you play with it a while and figure out the best way to get it in and out you will LOVE it! IF the stem is too long for your body, you can clip it. I usually fold mine in a way that works for my body best, spin it until it pops open and tug slightly to make sure it has a good seal.

Don’t have sex with it in. And if you have a good seal you can even have a bowel movement with it in.. but I don’t like to.

I will NEVER go back to tampons. Not only do I save money but I save on trash too!

Tim’s Corner

I am happy I don’t have to run to the store for feminine products again.

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