12 Sexy Days of Christmas


12 Sexy Days of Christmas

Want to get a little more intimate during one of the most stressful and busy times of the year? Here are our 12 sexy days of Christmas tips, tricks, and fun things to do to bring you closer together before Christmas.

12 Sexy Days of Christmas

#1. Christmas lingerie – you can either just get a dollar store Santa hat and nothing else or go all out and find some sexy Christmas lingerie for him or her.

#2. Schedule an overnighter. This can mean having the kids stay the night with someone else or the grandparents, or book a night away. Vacation sex is best, remember!

#3. Big red bow – Wrap up a part of your body in a bow and “present” your self to your spouse. You can even throw in some fun cellophane wrapped around your naked body covered with bows and have fun letting your spouse “unwrap you”.

#4. Fondle each other in public – Either squeeze each other’s butts while you’re out Christmas shopping, do a little fondling when no one is looking but remember, don’t get arrested.12 Sexy Days of Christmas

#5. Hold hands – Whether you’re out shopping, going on a date, or just cuddling on the couch, hold your partner’s hand for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

#6. Go to bed naked – At least once between now and Christmas both of you should go to bed naked. Even if you have to put clothes on later in the night, start out naked and see where it goes.

#7. Use ice – Ice is a fun and free sex toy. Women can hold ice, frozen grapes, or Altoids in their mouth while performing oral sex on their husband and he can have fun using the ice to stimulate her nipples, erogenous zones, or put the ice in places that will melt immediately wink wink!

#8. Cuddle – Whether it’s out on a date or just in front of the fireplace watching Christmas movies, come up under a blanket and hey, fondle your spouse while you’re at it.

#9. Date – Schedule a date somewhere during this busy time of year. It can be a simple coffee break, a drive with some fast food, dinner, lunch, or get creative. If you can visit your spouse at work, bring them a snack, coffee, or lunch.

#10. Kiss for 20 seconds – As Tim said, you get to pick the body part, me on the other hand, I like kissing on the lips for a good, long time.12 Sexy Days of Christmas

#11. Write a love letter – This can be as simple as a poem that you text to your spouse, and email to their work, or a beautiful little love letter or note slipped into their lunch box or somewhere around the house that the spouse is likely to find it during the day.

#12. Planned for 2020 – Take some time, either on your date or by yourselves and make up a plan for what you want your marriage to look like next year. Do you want to change over the next year? Grow? Are there goals that you want such as having sex more often or scheduling sex? Do you want to try to get out of financial debt and how will you both do that? What are some plans that are simple, easy, and something that you can stick to that will put you and your marriage in a better position this time next year?

Don’t let the busyness of the season take away from loving on your spouse and finding those intimate times. Whether you’re laughing over where you’ve placed that bow or really coming together over your marriage goals for 2020, we want you to have a fun, festive, and wonderful marriage and holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

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