Shattered Vows Book Review

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Tammy’s Corner

This is a book for those that have gone through an affair in their marriage. It is geared toward the wife’s perspective after her husband has been unfaithful but I think it could go either way. And unfortunately, it does go the other way a lot of the time. There really isn’t a book out there for men! I mean, I Googled “book for men when their wives have cheated” and the first page was all about MEN who cheated, not the other way around. We have some experience with this and I’ve spoken to a lot of women who have been cheated on and this book is a great way to find trust again if both people really want to work it out.

Sometimes it can lead to divorce and multiple affairs over years and if the pattern doesn’t stop, divorce or separation may be the only answer. But for those who truly repent, there is a way back to trust and love between two people.

This book broaches every emotion one is likely to have during the initial exposure through the healing process. Regardless of whether or not one partner wants to work it out, this book helps you feel you are not alone in your feelings and that you are validated in your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Finding true love and trust again after an affair, be it emotional or physical, is one of the hardest things a couple can go through but it IS possible. This book puts some clarity on the situation and delves into the story from many women’s point of view. Each person is different but the betrayal is the same. The broken vows, the feeling not good enough, the rejection and the hurt, it’s all in this book and yet, so is the healing.

This is a Christian based book because I don’t know if 100% healing can come without Christ. He is the one that mends relationships and because marriage was created by Him, only the Creator of the thing can mend and heal it.

If you have suffered an affair, whether you are a man or woman, this book will help in the healing process. If you have chosen to stick together, it will help you get back to a place of trust. If you have decided to end the relationship, it will help prepare you for what lies ahead. Sometimes it’s not about the other person; it’s about self-reflection and self-analyzation to be a better you for your spouse, future spouse, or God.

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