Remodeling Sex

Video Transcript:

So this is actually the same day that we did our Monday video on Tuesday because we’re Remodeling and it’s crazy around here and I’m going to be really honest him somewhere around it’s really hard for a woman to think about sex during this time but it’s really important keeping the intimacy lifestyle which we have learned from one extraordinary marriage has been really and if I go you know what it’s it’s there’s too much going on I just can’t handle it he starts to withdraw because he’s not feeling the intimacy which I know is what connects him to me and if I go oh my gosh you just have to do one more thing but when you’ve carried that on when you have sex every couple of days every other day every two to three days and you’re constantly reconnecting you start to really miss it and when you do connect specially and very stressful does really help I don’t feel okay great I got that done now I can worry about painting the wall or painting the baseboards because I have a good Sylveon things to think about right now and my house is in disarray it’s driving me up the wall I know some of you understand some of you may not tens like and connecting with him even if I don’t have an orgasm connecting with him resetting putting everything else aside and going for 20 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes maybe an hour whatever it is he’s worth it to give him that time to spend with him to decompress to reset to just be together because he is the primary relationship not my house not my job not my kids he is the primary relationship right now and it’s crazy and I look back that juggling the Jenkins gal that’s just like but I’m committed I’m committed to my marriage first and foremost over all over anything over the kitchen remodel over house painting over my kids over I don’t have a store I want to that’s what he wants for me all the time when we’re together to be there to be present and I owe him that he deserves that


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